Friday, 1 February 2013

Eiii Ghana Pastor bathing Somebody's wife with Anointing Oil !! GBAA ALERT

Eiii what at all is coming to Ghana??? we'v all heard about pastors bathing other men's wife but today we'v caught this
n*gga Red handed......  Please where in the Bible did Jesus or any of his disciples Bath someone naked???
Where, where in the bible does it says that having sex with a Pastor will solve your problems??
So the question is that !!!!  are these married women just stupid or they just want to have an affair with the pastors
because they are bored with their husbands but use Jesus and the church as a cover???????
Nkwaseas3m Nkoaa na asofuo yi redi wo Ghana

Ghanaian Actress Angela Tebiri Do Yawa (All inside)

Angela is trying to blame her scandal on her ex boyfriend but we just found out that it's all a publicity stunt.
This Girl is a professional Shashii who doesn't give a f*ck about exposing her Naked pics just for fame.
She played the role in a Film called **ADULTS ONLY**  which was almost like a P0rno movie.. You blame Ghanaleak for being profane but you guys are just worse..

“It was my boyfriend who took those pictures and we were actually playing with them as lovers. He even said jokingly said that we should delete them before a mistake happens for them to reach the media and now here we are with this embarrassment”, Angela said with a shaking voice.

“I actually thought he had deleted them until he told me that the memory card was missing. My prayer all along was that it doesn’t get into wrong hands. But obviously that didn’t happen. I am sorry and I learnt my lessons from it”, she told the newspaper almost in tears.
That's what she's saying but do you actually believe that Sh*t???????
would you be covering your nipples if you were actually planning to keep it on the low?
Fake ass B*tch!!!

Actress Angela Tebiri playing a role as a lesbian in *Hot Fork*