Thursday, 3 May 2012

Man shot dead while fcuking in the church

About 2 weeks ago at Agodi Area of Ibadan in Oyo State. There was this incident that rocked the environs about the death one of their neighours. The tale happened when a Church (name withheld) in the area organized her monthly VIGIL. Among the participants were a young man and a young lady. But instead of praying and praising God in the vigil, they cunningly sneaked out of the church premises and held to the nearby area to enjoy themselves. They started the main thing moving up and down, forward and backward while the Holy Ghost is also busy in the Church.

After a while, two of the members of the Vigilante Group in the area noticed some unusual sound in one corner, they moved a little bit closer and shout “who is there” but there was no response and the fantasy display continued. Abruptly, one of these men got angry and shot directly at the corner, to their surprise, they heard the voice of a man groaning as they moved closer, they found a man and a woman naked. Sadly the man died at the spot. Though the two vigilante members were arrested at Agodi Police Post for murder case. Now tell me, who was at fault, was it the vigilante man that shot or the licentious people that turned church to their playing ground. . [/font][/size][/size]

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